Best Musical Shows/Concerts of 2012 - Winners

Time to celebrate the Grammy's this weekend! (Wait, is that this weekend? Hold on a second...yes. Google tells me that is correct.) I figured this is a good time as any to reveal my favorite shows of 2012. Only concerts I attended are eligible for nomination. I wouldn't be surprised if my choices are more controversial than the actual Grammy awards. However, all decisions are final.


Caylus - Euro German Strategy Board Game for Fun and Profit (iOS/iPhone)

I've never played Calyus before, but lately I've been looking for new board games to play on my iPhone. I know, that sounds weird. The point of physical board games is to get away from the screens I spend 90% of my waking day staring at. However, board games on iOS (iPhone/iPad/Touch) are a great way to play on any given day, and give me a chance to try out new games without dropping $50.


Review: Cytus - Musical rhythm to satisfy your iOS devices

The iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is a great platform for rhythm music games. Licensing issues always make these games difficult because you either pay up, use crappy cheap songs, or make your own. Guitar Hero also gave these games a bad name. (Hey! I liked Guitar Hero, but clones are everywhere.) Now along comes Cytus for iOS...and Android too!


Steam, or how I learned to love buying games I'll never play

Anyone else compelled to buy cheap Steam games? The best new innovation in gaming in the past 5 years is the downloadable game (aka digital distribution). The crazy Steam sales just make it even easier to grab cheap games. Just look at my haul... (First post in 3 years! Well, no. Remember to take backups folks.)


V8 Arcade: The best next-gen game out there

What's new? Not much.

But they put a lot of work into fixing what was broken.

Here are the most notable changes I've found so far:

1. Snow treads/water skis - GONE

2. Long range radar weapons actually work (and the maps have spots where you can camp/snipe)

3. Ramming a car bigger than you takes a LOT more of your life bar (as does anything that hits your car - it's more realistic). You can't go ramming things and flipping your car at will anymore.


The Top iPhone Games List Because the Best RPGs and Tupac Suck

It's been awhile so I felt I needed to add something to this long lost and now totally pointless site. What to add... Well, it is at heart a gaming site. In the past six months my Wii has seen Guitar Hero(s) and World of Goo. Fun, but pass. PS3? While I really like Little Big Planet (and so should you), I still use it more for non-gaming functions. I could mention how pointless Home seems, but then again except for LBP all the recent betas I've tried (R2, KZ2) have disappointed. DS? What's that? Wait, I've got it. My iPhone! I have used it more than anything else since I got it in July. Even for a few games...


Super Smash Bros. Brawl! (Wii)

After a long wait, the sequel to one of the best multi-player games ever is finally here, Super Smash Bros. Brawl! If you've played Melee, you know what to expect. Which isn't a bad thing. And if you haven't played a Smash Bros. before, then maybe this look back at Smash Bros. related stories on NBrid will help...

Let's start at the beginning, way back in 1999 HAL Laboratory released a game that would change the world forever. Seriously. So here is a review of the original Smash Bros. on Nintendo 64.


Casual "Grandma" Non-Games

I tend to go through waves of playing a lot of games, to not playing any at all. Last fall I was at the top of that wave in large part due to all the new systems. But by early this year I was back to not playing much at all, and it had little to do with the lack of games on these new systems. I just didn't feel much like playing. It took me over two months to beat Twilight Princess. Don't get me wrong, it's a great game, but I just didn't have much desire to sit down and play it. Then I discovered the joys of simple, pick-up-and-play games.


That was a close one... we were almost shut down!

I'm sure everyone here keeps up with the latest tech news so you were probably aware of this well before I was. Well yesterday I was perusing Digg when I saw a story on RegisterFly. Seems RegisterFly, which I had been using to register our domain, has had some "issues" over the past month (some say year). Some of these "issues" included people losing their domain names, names not being renewed on time and users having to pay $160 to get them back, not to mention customer support has been AWOL for ages. Uh-oh...


The Top 23 Best FPSs of All-Time

So I used to complain that only people searching for a certain rapper visited this place. What kind of idiots came to a VIDEO GAME site to read up on him? Oh yeah, they are dumb enough to think he's still alive. So mad at my negative comments, trying to prove me wrong, people instead made a list of the top RPGs the #1 read article. AHHH! Sure it's about video games this time, but it wasn't written by me! So now I'm out to change that.