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Tips On How To Use The NBA Live Mobile Game Auction House

For those who don’t know about the NBA Live Mobile game, it is a basketball video game published by EA Sports that is available on your android or iOS device. The auction house is a very important component of the game. This article will provide you with tips on how to use NBA live mobile game auction house.

Tips On How To Use The NBA Live Mobile Game Auction House

Basic Terms In The Auction House

Search. This is where you press when searching for a specific thing in the auction house. You can easily lower the Buy Now price until you’re left with one or ten items. Always try to select a cheaper item if you’re looking to save some cash.

Round. This refers to addition of new players to the auction house so that they can be bought.

Filter. Refers to an order of information that you can add to the search menu. If you’re looking for specific information, players or items, the filter helps you in getting them at ease. The filter therefore helps you save a lot of time.

Bidding. When you’re buying a player, you should never pay the regular price of any item or player. This is the only way you can get what you want at a lower price.

Refresh. A refresh always takes place after every five minutes. If it takes place, then it means that a new round of players will drop.

Sell. If you want to put an item for sale in the auction house, all you have to do is press sell. It is worth noting down that you can also put players for sale.

Bidding war. A bidding war will only occur when many people want to purchase a particular item or player that is in high demand.It occurs if you bid for a player or item in the same time as other people.

Auction fee. If any item or player you put in the auction house is sold, then you get 90% of the nba live coins which he was sold for.

Tips On Using NBA live Mobile Game Auction House

The standard price. This refers to a particular price that an item or player will be sold for in a specific time. Always make sure you know the standard price because it changes as time progresses.

Round timing or dropping. A new round will always drop after every five minutes and changes after every fifteen minutes. It is worth noting down that the round goes forward for approximately five seconds. If you’re using your android phone, you can install an app known as floating clock to help you know the exact time that certain drops take place.

Monopolising. This refers to when a user picks every piece of a specific player or item and then resells it for thrice or twice its price. People easily profit from this method. If you notice a lot if items which sell at the same price, then they probably come from a monopoliser.

Sniping. This refers to getting a player or an item at a price that you know you can easily profit from when you sell it. Sniping requires you to always know the standard price of most of the items or players in the auction house. It also requires you to act very swiftly.


If a player or item is put in the auction house for a repeated number of times, then its price is going to drop. A newly released item or player will always cost you more and the price is therefore going to be inflated. The tips clearly described above will help you use the NBA live mobile game auction house at ease an with minimal problems.

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